At Apple Driving School we aim to raise the standards of driving by producing a driver who:

  • is Skilful:   This includes the development of manipulative skills, (the operation of all controls) and perceptive skill (Hazard awareness and planning skills).
  • is Knowledgeable:   One that understands and can apply all the principles of the Highway Code and the Driving Essentials Skills.
  • has a Positive Attitude:   Pupils should be encouraged to be courteous, make allowances for others mistakes and above all always put safety first.

So if you would like to learn to be a Skilful, Knowledgeable and Positive Driver give Apple Driving School a call.

I’m afraid we do not cover last minute test dates unless you are a current pupil, a minimum of 8 weeks notice is required. 


Heathers Car “The Gremlin”