Zak April and July 2016

Couldn’t be happier.
I was like you, browsing the internet, looking for a driving school to get me going. You know, a reputable one, with good reviews and decent pricing. I came across Apple. I was a little apprehensive. I penned a quick email, and a few hours later received a phone call from Heather. Eight months later I’m still here. I’ll be honest, I thoroughly enjoy every single lesson. It’s something I look forward to. It’s stress relief, it’s laughter, it’s enjoyment and it’s learning. Yes, Apple will teach you how to pass your test, but more importantly they’ll teach you to become the best driver you can be. With patience, with humour, and with what I would consider, a great deal of innovative thinking. We’ve had ups and downs, bad days and good, and I’m just about to take my second test to get the other half of my license, but what I would say is I’ve never been more confident, and never been more comfortable inside of a car than I am today, and that’s all thanks to Heather at Apple.

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