See what our pupils have to say about us:

Charlie, Salisbury


I had my lessons in Salisbury with Heather Brodrick and it took me around 4/5 months to pass with zero minors! I found that it was very relaxed and easy to learn with Heather. The lessons were based around me, and what I wanted and felt up to doing and I wasn’t pressured into doing anything which made the experience really enjoyable. I would, and have, recommended many people to Heather as, for me, she showed me that driving is fun and also gave me confidance in myself that I could pass.


Chris, Salisbury.


The driving lessons were enjoyable, Heather makes you feel in a stress free environment throughout the lessons even in difficult situations for beginner drivers. It was easy communicating with Heather during the lessons and she always gave positive reinforcement making you feel confident and relaxed.


Sam, Portsmouth


I can’t praise Karen highly enough. Karen was 100% patient, encouraging, supportive, flexible and friendly. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from an instructor. My recommendation for this driving school comes without any hesitation!


Liam, Salisbury


I found learning to drive with Heather an enjoyable and fun experience. It took me around 5/6months to pass my test (first time) which I’m glad as I only manage to get 5 minors on my test! Heather taught me how to react to different situations on the road and constantly taught me to be wary of everything going on around me. Every minute of driving with Heather was a blast; she would come up with something random every time which made me laugh so much. I found this made me more comfortable and relaxed as I was learning to drive. If i had to learn to drive all over again (fingers crossed I wont need to), I would definitely not hesitate to ring Heather.


Steve, Portsmouth

Steve with car

Learning to drive with Karen was brilliant. She put me at ease from the first lesson to the final lesson. Karen is very good at teaching all the required skills to become a confident and safe driver. Thanks to what she taught me, I felt confident when taking my test and passing. Once again, if you need a good driving instructor, I would recommend Karen.


Chantelle, Salisbury


I learnt to drive with Heather. Our lessons were really fun; she was always friendly and chatty so it put me at ease. Heather taught me so much which was brilliant. Heather makes you feel stress-free throughout the lessons, even in difficult situations for beginner drivers. It was easy communicating with Heather during the lessons and she always gave positive reinforcement making you feel confident and relaxed. I was very happy to pass my driving test with only 3 minors – just shows I was taught by the best! Thanks Heather!!


Julie, Salisbury


Heather made learning to drive a pleasure.  Her friendly, calming and encouraging teaching method enabled me to pass my driving test and become a safer driver.  I would highly recommend Heather from Apple Driving School.  Thank you again.  Julie, Salisbury.


Byron, Bristol


I expected learning to drive in Bristol to be a lengthy and terrifying experience having lived here for several years but under Heather’s tuition I enjoyed every minute and got there so much quicker than I ever imagined possible and feel as though I will be a better driver for it. If you want to learn to drive and you want to do so in a friendly and encouraging environment look no further than Apple Driving School!  Byron, Bristol.  December 2011


Dan, Bristol


After moving from a small town to Bristol I expected driving to be a hellish experience.  As a nervous driver, Heather always put me at ease and really boosted my confidence on the road.  I know I would not have learnt as quickly or as thoroughly without Heather’s help.  Apple has fantastic, very friendly instructors; I would recommend them to everyone interested in learning to drive, particularly in such a busy area as Bristol.  Dan, Bristol. January 2012

Dan, Bristol

Emran, Bristol


I wish to thank Heather at Apple Driving School so much for helping me to pass my test and more importantly giving me the confidence to drive by myself straight away.  She is incredibly patient and uses all of her experience to focus on areas of your driving where you lack confidence – precisely what you need from an instructor.  I think it is really important to build a strong relationship with your instructor to guarantee that you are able to voice any concerns and be able to concentrate on the road even when you are stressed & tired, because lets face it, that’s real life!  I cannot recommend Apple Driving School highly enough and Heather is by far the best, most caring instructor I’ve had.  So give Apple a go…honestly, you won’t regret it, especially when you’re holding that pass certificate in your hand!  Emran, Bristol.  January 2012


Dominic, Bristol


I could not have wished for a more patient instructor than that of Heather. I went from a nervous driver starting from scratch, to confident behind the wheel in 4 months. I cannot thank Heather enough for what I achieved with her, and I will certainly miss the weekly chats and catch-ups sat in the Ford Fiesta. For any new driver considering Apple Driving school I would recommend it 100% as there is not a better choice out there. Dominic, Bristol. January 2012


Josh, Salisbury


I began my driving experience with Heather, until she unfortunately moved away from my area.  She got me off to a great start, and was extremely helpful.  Thankfully I was able to continue with Karen, who I spent the majority of my lessons with.  Karen was absolutely fantastic, and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better Instructor.  She taught me all the skills needed, and explained them perfectly.  Karen is so easy to get along with and I’m going to miss having lessons with her.  I’ve already recommended Apple Driving School, and I will continue to do so.  Josh, Salisbury.  January 2012


Katherine, Bristol. March 2012


I learnt to drive with Heather, she was a fantastic instructor! Before starting with Heather I had been with a different instructor who I didnt particularly get on with, which then made me very nervous about learning to drive and was dreading starting my lessons again. From the moment I got in the car with Heather I knew I was in safe hands, she is such a lovely bubbly and patient instructor which made me feel so happy and confident about learning to drive. I picked everything up so quickly thanks to Heather’s calm friendly attitude. I passed my test and am enjoying driving so much now, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone who is wanting to learn! Thank-you so much! Katherine, Bristol. March 2012


Shonagh, Salisbury. March 2012


I started driving lessons with Karen in December and in March have passed my driving test on my first attempt. From the very first lesson Karen made me feel very relaxed and confident and with her tuition I have gone from dreading driving to loving it. This is a credit to her and I am going to miss having lessons with Karen as she is so friendly and easy to get along with. I would not hesitate to recommend Karen to any of my family and friends, who are thinking of learing to drive. Shonagh, Salisbury. March 2012


James, Bristol. April 2012


Before I started taking driving lessons with Apple Driving School I had already taken one lesson with another driving school and it really ruined my confidence in driving. The first lesson I had with Heather was brilliant, she made me feel comfortable and safe in the car and that lesson alone increased my confidence. The driving experience I had with Heather I will never forget. Not only is she an amazing driving instructor she’s just genuinely a lovely person and that alone allowed me to enjoy my lessons. The way Heather teaches makes it so much easier for people to learn and that is what I think sets her apart from other driving instructors. I’ve already recommended someone to take lessons with her and i’ll happily continue to do so. Thank you so much! James, Bristol. April 2012


Tom, Bristol. April 2012


Grenville was a top guy and a great teacher. He didnt just set me up to pass the test he gave me the skills to confidently deal with a variety of real life situations I might encounter! Would happily recommend to anyone looking to learn! Tom, Bristol. April 2012


Ian, Bristol. April 2012


Passed first time thanks to Grenville at Apple. He is an excellent instructor and he is highly supportive and very patient, explaining everything you need to know, I will never forget his advice to be a good driver. Anyone thinking about learning to drive, choose Grenville…. Ian, Bristol. April 2012


Om, Bristol. May 2012


Heather is a great teacher! She motivates you, even when you feel that you can’t do something. I genuinely enjoyed every lesson I had and I would not have chosen any other driving school! I passed first time to my surprise, and I put it all down to Heather! Thank you Apple Driving School!!! Om, Bristol. May 2012


Suzanne, Bristol. May 2012


I found Apple Driving School completely by chance and don’t think I could have come across a better school. Heather is absolutely amazing, so calm, honest and friendly. I looked forward to every lesson, which as we got closer to the test the time seemed to go faster and faster. Really couldn’t of asked for a better instructor!
As a keen motorcyclist of 9 years I thought the transition between bike and car would be a lot more difficult, however Heather was completely understanding of my lack of familiarity with the extra width of car and got me to slow down by politely reminding me “we are in a car, not on a bike and we will not fit though that space”…it worked! Passed first time but couldn’t of done this without Heathers guidance, patience and wonderful sense of humor. I’ll be recommending Heather and Apple Driving School to anyone I can who is looking to not only learn to pass their driving test, but how to drive safely, confidently and in situations that in time you will more than certainly face. Thursday’s and driving just won’t be same without our conversations…Thank you so much Heather!!! Suzanne, Bristol. May 2012


Bobby, Bristol. May 2012


I had driven previously with two separate driving instructors and taken two tests.  Failing both I gave up driving entirely for nearly 6 years.  As soon my second lesson had started with “Apple”, driving itself seemed to feel a lot more natural to me than it had ever done before, this was simply because Grenville identified the issues with my driving and patiently set about correcting them.  I passed my test in about 4 months, having a two hour lesson once a week. Bobby, Bristol.  May 2012


Rachel, Bristol. May 2012


Imagine the best driving instructor in the world, times it by a million, and you have Heather.  I was a bit nervous about taking driving lessons but as soon as I met her I relaxed – she is such a lovely, fun, patient person and persevered when I struggled with manoeuvres.  Heather always went beyond what was necessary and her helpful advice made me into a confident, safe driver, and as a result I passed with no minors and compliments from the head examiner.  I always looked forwards to my lessons and will miss them now I have finished.  Thank you!  Rachel, Bristol.  May 2012


James, Bristol. May 2012


I learnt to drive with Heather after spending 30 lessons with another Instructor and to know that I still had to have my basics corrected I was disappointed with my previous instructor.  But within few lessons It was all corrected.  I never felt stressed with Heather; she is so calm and cool and we laughed and learnt.  She always motivates to learn and never discourages.  Even if you make a mistake you will briefed for a very short time.  She believed in practicals rather than theory and demonstration (unlike my previous instructor who spent most of time giving demonstrations).  I must say special thanks for accomodating my last two lessons on Sunday as it gave me lot more confidence to take the test and pass first time.  Thanks again.  James, Bristol. May 2012


Michael, Bristol. June 2012


Grenville is a great teacher, very patient and makes everything easy to understand. With his help I was able to pass first time and I feel confident in my driving ability for the future. I would highly recommend Grenville and Apple Driving School to anyone wanting to learn how to drive. Michael, Bristol. June 2012


Piers, Bristol. June 2012


I passed first time with Apple Driving School, Heather is so patient and most importantly teaches you how to be a good, safe driver, not just to pass the test – and the lessons were fun as well! At 28 I was a late starter and I would thoroughly recommend Apple to any learners, whether you’ve just turned 17 or have waited a bit longer like I did! Piers, Bristol. June 2012


Joseph, Bristol. July 2012

Joseph with car

I joined Apple Driving school after having lessons with another driving school and am very glad that I did. Heather was very professional and personable and helped me rediscover my confidence and improved my ability. She was very honest about my driving level every step of the way, advised me when I was not ready to try things and really pushed me when she knew I was. You could not ask for a better school and instructor and I could not recommend them highly enough. Thank you Apple I can drive safely and confidently because of you. Joseph, Bristol. July 2012


Sophie, Bristol. Aug 2012


Having had one driving lesson previously, and being incredibly nervous about learning to drive, Heather immediately put me at ease and made me enjoy driving. Her calm and collected approach to teaching ensured that I improved quickly but without feeling any pressure. She manages to balance being extremely professional with being friendly and having fun whilst learning. She was flexible with my working hours and fitted me in at a time that suited me best. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Heather as a driving instructor or Apple as a driving school… Especially as I passed first time! Sophie, Bristol. Aug 2012


Ania, Bristol. Aug 2012

Ania in car

I just want to thank Heather for her guidance, genuine interest and friendliness. Previously I started my driving lessons with a different school, but after failing my first test I found myself loosing my confidence and starting to doubt my abilities. Initially I asked Heather for an assessment, but after one lesson with her, I knew that I could only learn and pass my test with her. I really felt that the highest priority was for me to become a more knowledgeable and skillful driver. Heather understands that our needs vary from person to person, she is willing to apply different teaching techniques and to work with you towards your improvement. Thank you once again Heather for your lovely personality, patience and professional advice and thank you Apple School for helping your students become confident and skillful drivers! Would happily recommend Heather to anyone looking for a fantastic driving instructor! Ania, Bristol. Aug 2012


Vince, Bristol. Aug 2012

Vince with car

I would like to thank my wonderful driving instructor Heather at Apple Driving School for helping me get through my car test today. If anyone is looking at learning to drive I really do recommend you use Apple Driving School; both my sister & I did & enjoyed every minute of it. Once again thanks Heather. Vince, Bristol. Aug 2012


Marta, Bristol. Sept 2012.

Marta in car

I passed first time with Apple Driving School. Me, first time, me who thought I am a hazard on the road! With Heather the impossible is possible. She is patient, she is fun but also serious when she has to be. There was no stress, no nervousness, everything was so natural. The best thing is, she doesn’t teach you to drive and pass the test, she teaches you to drive for life, teaches you the good habits all the drivers should have as a bonus – time well spent. Great! Thank you to Heather!! Marta, Bristol. Sept 2012.


Maxine, Bristol. Sept 2012.

maxine in car

After failing seven tests and having had six instructors, coming to Apple and having my driving stripped back to basics was just what I needed. It was lucky number eight for me! Thanks Heather! Maxine, Bristol. Sept 2012.


Miranda, Bristol. October 2012

Miranda with car

Words cannot describe the patience of Heather!! Her kindness, perseverance and funny phrases have finally done the job where others have failed and I’ve passed with only 1 minor fault! She is an instructor who actually gives you instruction instead of just practice and helps you understand how to drive safely, and how to improve, her eagle eyes spot what you’re doing wrong without making you feel daft or stupid.
Thank you Heather, I am over the moon happy, and can finally take the kids out all by myself. Miranda, Bristol. October 2012


Vivian, Bristol. December 2012.

Vivian with car

I first heard about Apple Driving School from my cousin; he was the one that introduced me to Heather. Heather is a great instructor to learn with because she teaches everything you need to know on how to drive safely on the road. With my previous instructor he only took me to one place to learn to drive but with Heather she took me to different places in Bristol, even the busiest parts. This has helped me to deal with different types of roads and roundabouts and it made me aware of hazards around. I’m glad that I went to learn with Apple Driving School because it has helped me a lot to drive more confidently on the road. Thank you for teaching me Heather! Vivian, Bristol. December 2012.


Jo, Bristol, January 2013.


Heather is a fantastic driving instructor. It never felt like a lesson; I enjoyed each and every one and the funny phrases and jokes she comes out with will stay with me for a very long time! She has definitely sussed the technique of teaching people to drive as she made it feel so easy and relaxed. I owe it to her 100% that I passed so quickly and with such ease.
I wish Apple Driving School all the best and will always be recommending them to anyone wishing to learn to drive. Jo, Bristol, January 2013.


Darryl, Bristol, January 2013.


Thanks to Heather’s great knowledge of driving, her sense of humour, way with people, teaching techniques and so many other amazing attributes, I passed in quick time and full of confidence. I looked forward to every lesson and the time was worth every penny as it flew by with my driving ability increasing massively. Heather would be my first choice instructor if anyone should ask my advice. I am so pleased to have my license and to be on the road so soon. Darryl, Bristol, January 2013.


Dani, Bristol, January 2013.


After moving to Bristol from a much smaller city, I had avoided learning to drive here for a few years, but after starting my lessons with Apple, I was able to pass my test first time! Heather put me at ease and built up my confidence by taking me to so many different places around Bristol. She actually teaches you how to drive for life and not how to pass your test, she encourages you to think and doesn’t just tell you what to do. Heather quickly picks up on the best way to teach you, she will not push you into a situation until you are ready for it. I could not have asked for a better instructor, Heather is kind, funny and if you make a mistake she helps you to learn from it without losing any confidence in yourself. I would fully recommend Heather and Apple Driving School for anyone looking to learn how to drive. Dani, Bristol, January 2013.


Rosie, Bristol, January 2013.


Heather was a fantastic instructor who reinstalled my confidence after I failed my first test attempt with a different instructor. After changing to Apple Driving School there was a noticeable different in the quality of my lessons. Heather instantly made felt at ease and relaxed in the car and as a result I thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons. Heather made learning to drive fun. Her funny quotes and phrases that always made me laugh, were a unique way for me to learn the basics without compromising on safety. I now feel I have become and safe and confident driver after passing with Apple Driving School. I am looking forward to my motorway lesson next week and am hoping to get a car very soon! All thanks to Heather and Apple Driving School team! Rosie, Bristol, January 2013.


Fiona, Bristol, January 2013


I first heard about Apple Driving School through my cousin and sister. They said that Heather was a brilliant teacher and they were right! Heather is a fantastic driving instructor because she taught me everything about how to drive safely on the road and what to do in real life situations. If I was to make a mistake Heather kindly explains the mistakes so I know what I’ve done wrong and lets me correct my mistake until its right. Also, Heather helped me calm my nerves before taking my test as I was very nervous! She is also a very cheerful and bubbly person, which made my driving lessons more fun and made my lessons enjoyable. I’m very glad that I went with Heather because she teaches brilliantly. Thank you Heather for helping me pass my test and also thank you for teaching me all the things I should know when driving on the road safely. Fiona, Bristol, January 2013.


Liz, Salisbury, June 2013.


Having held my provisional license for nigh on 20 years I thought it was time to pass my test. Having had some bad experiences with other driving instructors over the years I was cautious about going to a new instructor but I am so glad I did. Karen was absolutely fantastic and I felt comfortable in the car from day one. Her easy relaxed style of tuition made me feel so much more confident and she gently pushed me to do all the bits of driving I hated (especially roundabouts!). I am sure I must have driven her mad talking my way through each lesson but she never complained and has a fantastic sense of humour. It’s the first time ever I have looked forward to my lessons and actually enjoyed driving. Her confidence in me paid off and I passed my test this morning. Karen, what can I say but your an absolute star and I would recommend you to anyone. Can’t thank you enough and I will definitely miss the lessons! Liz, Salisbury, June 2013.


Shauna, Bristol, June 2013.


In my first ever driving lesson, I screamed for 2 hours & didn’t go above 6mph – I was terrible. But Heather is a miracle worker! She took me from a terrified learner into someone who can actually drive. I cannot thank & recommend Heather & the rest of Apple Driving School enough! Shauna, Bristol, June 2013.


Julia, Bristol, Sept 2013.


I can highly recommend learning to drive with Heather, as she makes you feel at ease as soon as you get into the driving seat. She helped to build up my confidence on the road; for example, if I made a mistake, we would go around again and correct it. She reinforces good driving practices, ensuring I concentrated on the hazards around me just as much as the driving itself. Heather’s knowledge, patience and good humour make her a great driving instructor. Thanks again for helping me to pass first time! Julia, Bristol, Sept 2013.


Hattie, Bristol, Sept 2013.


Heather has been such a patient driving instructor and helped me to build my confidence up when learning to drive! Her ability to find the best possible way of teaching the individual learning is very clear as she helped me to work through problems I encountered through a technique that worked perfectly for me! Approaching test dates she kept a really calming and encouraging atmosphere in our lessons which really helped me to get through my test with more confidence and calmness than I could have imagined. She is also a great laugh so lessons are never boring! Hattie, Bristol, Sept 2013.


Lucy, Bristol, Oct 2013.


Having put driving lessons to the bottom of my to-do list, I can only say that I was not looking forward to booking my first lesson. However, my partner had taken his lessons with Heather and had nothing but praise for her! So the day came for me to book in and it went with ease. Heather was extremely accommodating for my weekend requirements and when it came to my first lesson she put me right at ease. With each lesson I improved greatly and Heather was extremely encouraging and supportive throughout. I couldn’t recommend anyone more and she helped me pass my test 1st time which I never thought I’d achieve before I started. Heather taught me to drive. Not just to pass my test! Thanks Heather and Apple! I will definitely send anyone I know your way for lessons. Lucy, Bristol, Oct 2013.


Angela, Bristol, Oct 2013.


After years of being scared of the mere mention of driving lessons after previous lessons and a car accident, I finally plucked up the courage after some gentle persuasion off my husband to give it another go. We found Apple Driving School and Heather!! And what can I say Heather is amazing, she had me relaxed and encouraged from the start always cheerful and very very patient I couldn’t of done it without her. From someone who was scared to even turn on the ignition of a car I got a 1st time pass and I’m loving it, I’m 34 years old, Provisional license holder for 12 yrs and now I’m finally a driver I cant thank Heather enough. Angela, Bristol, Oct 2013.


Bethan, Bath, Nov 2013.


Thank you very much Brian for getting me through my driving test, you were brilliant help. Thanks once again. Bethan, Bath, Nov 2013.


Rebecca, Bristol, Jan 2014


At the tender age of 31 I really didn’t think I’d ever pass my driving test. I had tried once before which was a complete failure and was petrified to get behind the wheel. I went to Apple Driving school and was blessed to have Heather as my instructor. Heather was very patient and reassuring, and I felt my worries starting to ease. I plugged away at it with the support of my instructor. Heather didn’t just teach me how to drive, she also supported me through my theory. I passed my theory first time scoring 49 out of 50. Heather was able to build my confidence, and was brilliant when we booked my practical test. I didn’t think in a million years I’d be ready to take my test, yet there I was just days before my 32nd birthday driving up to the Test Centre. Hip, hip hooray, I passed first time with flying colours. Thank you Heather and Apple Driving School for being top dollar and helping me all the way. Rebecca, Bristol, Jan 2014


Josh, Bristol, Jan 2014


Heather is a fantastic Driving Instructor who is both patient when necessary and encouraging when you begin to progress with your driving. Her experience shines through as you are taught to drive with the utmost precision and safety. Always had a smile at the end of the lessons. Josh, Bristol, Jan 2014


Miona, Bristol, March 2014


Heather has been nothing but patient and understanding from the moment I started. Me picking up the phone after 2 years since my last lesson was the best thing I ever did. I was nervous at first but after several weeks I was really looking forward to my lessons and I really enjoyed the way Heather is so easy to talk to. She explains things so that they are super easy to understand and I wish I found her a lot sooner than I did 🙂 Best instructor ever and well worth it!! I never imagined I could pass my test let alone first time 🙂 so thank you very much for that! Miona, Bristol, March 2014


Peter, Salisbury, March 2014


I can’t recommend Karen too highly and will certainly do so to any one I know that is looking for an instructor for their son or daughter. Peter, Salisbury, March 2014




After having started with a different driving school and a male instructor who didn’t really seem to care much our daughter, Kayleigh, wasn’t making any real progress and lost enthusiasm. However, after starting with Apple Driving School and learning with Karen in Salisbury she came on in leaps and bounds and unlike with her previous instructor she actually started enjoying her lessons. Karen was so much more approachable and friendly and the confidence in Kayleigh’s driving showed when she was out practicing with me in-between lessons.


Jamie, Bristol, March 2014


The skill, experience and passion that Heather displayed whilst teaching me to drive was outstanding. It made the whole experience not just informative, interesting and exciting, but also extremely enjoyable. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to learning how to drive initially, but Heather’s knowledge and innovative teaching style means you feel calm and confident all the while you’re behind the wheel. The rapport you are able to build leaves you looking forward to your next lesson, whilst her understanding and flexibility with booking lessons around work and home commitments means you can learn to drive in a period more suited to your lifestyle. Heather pushes you to succeed and doesn’t hold you back – she doesn’t just teach you how to pass a driving test, but how to actually drive. She has an amazing success rate – and with a little help from Bear this meant I passed first time! I’m almost sad that I have passed as I enjoyed my lessons so much, but I cannot recommend Heather and Apple Driving School enough! Fantastic people, fantastic company. Thank you very much! Jamie, Bristol, March 2014


Howard, Bristol, May 2014.


Heather is more than just any capable and responsible Driving Instructor. I was worried that learning to drive can be stressful but she never failed to brighten my day and often gave me insightful driving and life advice (and sweets). I will miss and will definitely recommend Apple Driving School. Howard, Bristol, May 2014.


Kate, Bristol, July 2014.


I stumbled upon Apple Driving School by seeing Heather out on a lesson, the pupil looked really confident and happy behind the wheel so I thought I’d give them a go. I’m so glad I did! Heather is so lovely and patient, with a wicked sense of humour! She made me feel really comfortable, even when I forgot my right from left or had a mad 5 minutes! With Heather’s time and patience I managed to pass first time with one minor! Can’t thank you enough Heather, I would recommend her to anybody, especially nervous first timers! Kate, Bristol, July 2014.


Michaela, Bristol, August 2014


Heather is an outstanding driving instructor. I have never been the most co-ordinated person so knew I would find driving a struggle! Heather has been extremely patient with me and has always gone beyond the call of duty. She is a fantastic teacher and a genuinely kind and funny person. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. I also highly recommend the motorway lesson that Heather offers as it has really taught me a lot and boosted my confidence. Michaela, Bristol, August 2014.


Donna, Bristol, October 2014.


Apple Driving School was recommended to me by two of my friends. Both had been taught, and has with Heather. I was 30, had never had a driving lesson before and was dreading it. However, Heather was great. Heather is a highly skilled driver who cares about teaching her pupils how to be safe and competent drivers. The lessons were enjoyable. Heather was flexible with regards to lessons when I had an injury which set me back, which I really appreciated. Before I started my lessons, I didn’t think I would ever be let loose on a road, but I confident and capable of driving now. Thank you Heather! Donna, Bristol, October 2014.


Jay, Bristol, October 2014.


With Apple Driving School I have passed my driving test after after only five months. I literally started from scratch with no previous driving experience and passed without any minor faults at all! Heather has been a brilliant Driving Instructor and I would fully recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank you so much Heather for helping me get driving!! Jay, Bristol, October 2014.


Marc March 2015


“Heather is an incredible instructor, who understands her individual pupil’s needs and can adapt accordingly. I started learning at 32 years of age and had previous experience of a “bigger” driving school who couldn’t find the time to teach me and my nerves. Needless to say this made me even more nervous about driving. I was recommended Apple Driving School by a friend and instantly struck up a good friendship with Heather who put me at ease and ironed out any flaws that my previous instructor hadn’t dealt with. My confidence in my own ability came around pretty quickly and that is all thanks to the way Heather teaches. I passed first time after just 5 months. I was taught not only to pass my test, but to be safe and to be confident. I recommend Apple as you will learn to drive and you will have a lot of fun doing so!”

Rafael February 2015


I have had some experience driving in the past but never in the UK. I passed my driving test first time after about a month and a half from when I started my driving lessons with Heather. Heather is an excellent driving instructor. Very patient, calm, and always with good humor, she explained very clearly to me the driving process in the UK. Having had experience driving in two different countries, Heather really addressed some of my weaknesses in driving in the UK with lots of practice and prepared me really well for my driving test. I would fully recommend Heather as a driving instructor.

Taf December 2014


Heather is a great instructor and made my lessons so fun and I wouldn’t have passed without her! I recommend her to anyone! Thank you Heather 🙂

Taylor March 2015


Heather’s methodical approach to teaching and knowledge of the trickiest parts of Bristol teaches you to adapt to any situation that will crop up, giving you confidence and ability to pass your test as well as drive safely for life. She’s a lovely person too, I would recommend her to anyone who wants to drive properly. Taylor


Big thank you to Heather who is an excellent tutor, gave me confidence when I was very nervous at the beginning, and really went out of her way to help me pass my test. She has helped me not only with driving but with theory and finding my first car too. Heather was flexible with lessons, working around my changing shift patterns to make sure that I could continue with lessons even when working nights etc. Friendly, very professional and great sense of humour. Thanks Heather!

Vikki May 2015

just to say a big thank you to heather she is a brilliant instruter who gives you confidence and resures you all the time willing to go that extra mile for you she always made me laugh when i was feeling nervouse if it wasnt for heather i wouldnt of past my test the first time round if you need a good driving instructer then look no further thank you again heather from vikki shirehampton


I have had lessons with Heather since February and have just passed (first time!) in July! I wouldn’t have believed it had you told me – I was such a nervous driver and had virtually no practice outside lessons but Heather was patient and persistent in a really fun way that made driving lessons a high point in my week. I would really recommend her and Apple 🙂

George refresher lessons

Heather is a wonderful driving instructor, very supportive, patient,
and fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

George, Bristol, July 2015

Vusala July 2015



Apple Driving School is brilliant and the lady instructor Nelema helped me to pass my test. She was very kind, helpful and always providing me inputs for all mistakes whist keeping the moral of the student. I am very happy and would recommend her to any student who wants to pass quickly. Thank you!!!

Becky July 2015



I rang Heather in April telling her I had to be passed by August and over the past three months , as the weeks have gone by, I have looked forward to my lessons more and more. And even at my most anxious, I have felt at my calmest when in the car with Heather. She naturally puts you at ease, as well as being absolutely hilarious! She found the time in her jam packed schedule to fit me in for 4 hours worth of lessons, and is very passionate in getting people to drive safely to not just pass a test, but teaching invaluable skills you will always remember. Thank you so much Heather – not only have I passed first time, but I have passed with only two minor faults and I couldn’t have done it without your calm and practical approach to teaching. It’s safe to say I will miss our time we spend together each week, and I would recommend you to anyone! Thanks again, Becky. X



Heather has been such a lovely and patient instructor. She got me through my exam first time. She is great with building confidence and explains things in a way that is easy to understand. I learnt well with Heather there was never any point that i felt i wasnt getting the right information. She is very experienced and has a great ability in her job. I would highly recommend her and i would like to thank her for everything she has done for me. I will miss her and wish her all the best.

Beth September 2015

I remember just starting my driving lessons in February, I wasn’t very confident at all but Heather helped me become much more confident in general and especially in my driving. Every lesson I had with her I would enjoy, and would always look forward to the next, she is a very supportive and patient instructor encouraging you to keep going but still having a laugh which made my lessons even more fun! I highly recommend Heather to anyone, I am definitely going to miss my lessons with her every week! A massive thank you to Heather for everything, Beth Xx

Siying September 2015

Yay!!! I passed!!!
Learning driving is one of my new year resolution for 2015, so I phoned an instructor my friend recommended me and asked about having lessons with her. Unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time) she was too busy at the time and referred me to Heather.

Heather is very funny and I looked forward to my lessons every week ! I’m so glad that I’ve had my driving lessons with Heather- she made me laugh, she taught me how to drive safely, and most importantly, she taught me how to face failures and learn from mistakes. Anyway I highly recommend her and Apple driving school to everyone!! Siying

Hevar September 2015


Passed first time!
Heather is a very good instructor who will not only shows you how to pass your test, but will show you how to drive safely in every day situations.

Heather was recommended by a friend and i would defiantly recommend her to anyone else looking for a good driving instructor!

Yessssss!!! PASSSED


I did it, I actually did it. I passed my driving test, Heather was great from beginning to end, very patient and supportive throughout my 3 attempts(not down to her, but my unbridled panic at being behind a steering wheel). I will suggest Apple Driving School to everyone. Cheers

Harry Rook

Bristol, 08/09/2015

Kat October 2015

Highly recommended!
I can’t believe I passed my driving exam – first attempt! I would not have done it without Heather! Massive thank you for you patience durning my fluffy moments and all the useful tips! Heather will teach you how to drive safely at all times. Thank you wonderful lady! X Kat

Cynthia 19 October 2015

Passed my test first time
On the 19th of october I passed my test.
Having put off learning to drive for years, I finally bit the bullet. Feeling very nervous at the start, but thanks to Balbir, I felt more and more confortable being behind wheel. Balbir is a very good driving instructor, she gave me the confidence I needed to learn to drive.
Heather is fantastic, she made a real effort to get me ready for my test. And I passed first time!!!
Thank you Heather and Balbir.

Noah 19 November 2015

Heather is a nurturing and reliable instructor. She is excellent at methodically instructing her students and enabling them to develop in confidence at their own pace. I have recommend her to a friend who passed the first time and I am very happy to have learned with her as I now feel I am a confident and safe driver.Noah

David December 2015

Excellent driving school!
I was taught by Heather, who is an exceptional teacher, kind, friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. She was always willing to go above and beyond to help me in my tuition, and took me from a nervous starter who had had a bad experience with another school through to passing my test with no faults. I could not recommend this driving school more strongly.David

Rahila December 2015

My instructor Balbir, was very dependable and patient. I was a very challenging learner and she was able to work with me tirelessly to get me ready for my test. She is very friendly, reliable and understanding yet firm and goal-oriented. I came to her after using 3 others instructors and she helped me pass my test. I will recommend her and Apple highly. R. A. M. Bradley Stoke

Prasanna March 2016

Hi Heather, Prasanna here , I have contacted you a month back regarding automatic driving classes and you gave me Ali’s details – just thought to let you know that , today I have cleared my practical test in 1st attempt ? and all credits should go to Ali and your driving school!

(Of course I have conveyed my thanks and credits to him in person straight after the test today) He is one of the finest instructors and no doubt that he is an asset for your driving school!

Thanks for all your help and support!

Archaea March 2016

Thank you Balbir mam and Apple for helping me pass my driving test on first attempt ! Excellent driving lessons and all thanks to my driving instructor Balbir. She was excellent, strict yet friendly and exceptionally good in working on my weak areas. She is the kind of person who goes an extra mile to work with her pupil to make sure they are actually ready for the exam. Very reliable and was so supportive when my driving test was cancelled by DVLA on the day of the exam. I really cant thank her enough!

I passed my exam on first attempt and I wouldn’t have done it without Balbir. Highly recommend Apple driving school and my instructor.

Thanks, Archana Mallik

Oriahil March 2016

Excellent and value for money
Thanks to Balbir for helping me pass my driving test with just one minor. She is phenomenal and will recommend her as your sure route to passing your practical test.

Laura March 2016

I’ve tried learning to drive a couple of times over the last ten years with different driving schools, the last being about 5 years ago, but never saw the task all the way through. I finally found Balbir at Apple Driving School a few months ago: she got me through easily and I passed my test first time! I’m endlessly grateful and can’t wait for the independence that driving is going to bring me.

Thank you Bal for being such a great teacher, for the patience and support, and for the fun company. I’m going to miss our weekly drives!

Meron April 2016

Excellent driving school
I had a bad experience with a previous driving instructor, wasted my time and money, and I picked up a lot of bad habits. I was recommended heather and she was incredibly patient with me. Shes knowledgeable, friendly and always goes the extra mile. Heather didn’t just teach me enough to pass, but to be a competent and confident driver. I couldn’t recommend apple driving school more. Meron

Alex April 2016

Amazing driving school and great value for money I had some driving experience before going to Apple Driving School, but I didn’t like the instructor so I decided to change, and it’s a good thing I did! Heather was really patient from the start even when I made some stupid mistakes. She pointed out my mistakes but she wasn’t rude about it, and the casual conversations we had in her car helped my confidence a lot. Apple Driving School lets you learn real life driving skills, not just skills to pass your test. I’m so happy I chose them, thanks Heather!

Charlotte April 2016

Highly Recommended!
I was so lucky to find Apple after a bad experience with another school. Heather is a fantastic driving instructor. Not only did she get me through my test, her teaching methods have given me invaluable skills and really increased my confidence. Throughout every one of my lessons Heather was encouraging, professional, very knowledgeable and very patient! She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. On top of all that, spending time with Heather is great fun and I will really miss our weekly lessons! Charlotte

Saara May 2016

Passed first time!
After 2 different instructors previously, I finally passed first time all thanks to the commitment and patience shown by Heather. She never once let me down with a lesson and was able to calm me down after a few stressful times! I now feel confident in my driving and would recommend Heather to anyone. Thank you!

Chrispine June 2016

ChrispineA 02 Jun 201

Perfect choice
This was the best choice for learning my driving, I just wish I found it before. I’m very happy today because I made the right choice. I would recommend Apple for any new drivers.

Zak April and July 2016

Couldn’t be happier.
I was like you, browsing the internet, looking for a driving school to get me going. You know, a reputable one, with good reviews and decent pricing. I came across Apple. I was a little apprehensive. I penned a quick email, and a few hours later received a phone call from Heather. Eight months later I’m still here. I’ll be honest, I thoroughly enjoy every single lesson. It’s something I look forward to. It’s stress relief, it’s laughter, it’s enjoyment and it’s learning. Yes, Apple will teach you how to pass your test, but more importantly they’ll teach you to become the best driver you can be. With patience, with humour, and with what I would consider, a great deal of innovative thinking. We’ve had ups and downs, bad days and good, and I’m just about to take my second test to get the other half of my license, but what I would say is I’ve never been more confident, and never been more comfortable inside of a car than I am today, and that’s all thanks to Heather at Apple.

Pelagia August 2016

Phenomenal Instructor
My Parents and I (especially my Mum but mainly Me) would like to thank Balbir for being Absolutely Amazing!!!, because of her I passed my Practical test \ ^_^ /. I was recommended to Balbir when I was at the point were I had almost lost all my confidence in driving and She helped me build it up. She was great at giving me feedback and working on my weak areas and pushing me to be better. She was professional, friendly and proper in making sure I was ready for my practical test even more so to be a good and capable road user. I’m very grateful for all your help and patience, couldn’t have done it without you. I’m actually going to miss having my driving lessons with you. I would highly recommend Balbir to anyone needing driving lessons 😀 Many thanks again, Pelagia

Horatio August 2016

Pass safely
Driving is not only about test, but more on safety. Apple driving school is the best place to learn safe driving. My instructor is so professional that I learned everything I need to be a qualified driver. Thanks Heather, thanks apple, this skill is what I will never forget in my lifetime. Choose apple and you will get more than expected. Horatio (more…)

Chris August 2016

I couldn’t be happier with Apple Driving School. Thanks to the lovely and personable Heather, the stress of each lesson was so minimal that I found myself eager to get back behind the wheel. Instilling the necessary skills to become a proficient and more importantly safe driver was invaluable and resulted in me passing my test first time. I couldn’t recommend Apple Driving School enough.

Jemima September 2016

Despite being a little panicky at first, Heather tirelessly helped me learn how to drive safely and pass first time! thanks 🙂 Jemima

great first time pass Jemima with no drivers faults at all (minors)

Tessa September 2016

Encouraging and patient – passed first time!
Heather is an absolutely phenomenal driving instructor. She’s so patient and understanding, I honestly don’t know how she stays so calm and supportive! Every lesson was varied and fun, and despite how nervous I was, Heather has taught me to enjoy driving. Completely brilliant, I would thoroughly recommend Apple to anyone looking to learn to drive. Tessa